Allissa’s Lifestyle Movement!

I am a 28 year old female, mother and registered nurse! Therefor time is against me and no matter what I make it happen!

My motivation are my patients that I see everyday struggling with life threatening diseases such a heart failure, diabetes, pulmonary disease, and almost 90% suffer from obesity making all these diagnosis extremely difficult to manage. Weight has everything to do with your health. I want to be healthy so my children will have a healthy mother rather than a very sick parent that becomes a burden on them. So therefore I decided to get into competing a started this season as a bikini competitor with NPC!

My diet starts with lots and lots of water! During prep I drink 2 gallons a day and off season about a gallon! Yup, water is everything!

I intake protein with every meal and I do not cut carbs! I eat good carbs such as sweet potato, brown rice, oats, rice cakes, ect.. Protein is my main source of nutritional intake and I eat about 6 to 7 meals a day in prep and about 5 off season. I keep my fat and sugar content low and I also watch sodium! My diet plan was designed for my body and weekly progress by my coach and also pro physique competitor Jill Vadala!

Supplements include fish oil, multi vitamin, b and c complex, calcium, potassium, and fat burner which I like roxy lean or oxy elite pro! During dry out phase I use dandelion root and b6 and cut water back each day till I hit the stage! I increase carbs week of dry out to fill my muscle! My main source of protein is chicken, tilapia, tuna, flank steak, egg whites, ground turkey! I drink one protein shake a day and my favorite is myofusion peanut butter cookie dough or UMP cookies and cream and I also drink casein shakes before bed!

This is just the beginning! I recently placed first at Atlantic super show in Richmond and 5th at max muscle in Woodbridge VA! I qualified for nationals and I am currently looking for what stage I will hit next! I am currently looking for a sponsorship to help me with my journey! I have a few things going on! It has been a good season and I look forward to an awesome year!