Indoor Kerosene Heaters

Indoor Kerosene Heaters

What You Need To Know About Indoor Kerosene Heaters

The kerosene heater is a device over the years that have heated rooms, garages, or craw spaces with very effective results. As companies introduce newer models along with different types, finding the one you need can become very tough. Today, we will take a closer look at the indoor kerosene heaters and what you need to know about them. This way you can get the right one for the application that you need it for now or in the future.

There are two types of indoor kerosene heaters that you will deal with most of the time. The convection type has been around for a number of years and still sees a lot of use. The wick sits on top of the fuel tank and absorbs the fuel and carries it to the combustion chamber which in turns produces the heat that you see.

This type of heater has many advantages, but the most important is it circulates heat in all directions including upward and outward. These are used primarily to heat larger rooms or areas. They can produce a lot of heat and many people like how well they perform.

Refilling this unit should be done outside for a few different reasons. The fuel tank cannot be removed and you do not want gas fumes inside your home. Secondly, with these heaters being hot and fuel flammable refilling outside is something you should always do for safety reasons.

The second type of kerosene heater that you will encounter is the radiant type model. These have become very popular for a number of different reasons. They are usually rectangular in shape and are designed for smaller living spaces. In smaller living areas these heat those areas extremely well. Many models come with a reflector to direct heat towards people along with electric fans.

One of the biggest advantages of this model is the ability to remove the fuel tank for refilling. It makes refilling with kerosene much safer and less chance for an accident. If your model though does not have a fuel tank that disconnects you will need to take the whole unit outside to refill.

The radiant model is also very durable and can handle many years of long term use. These tend to heat up quickly and give you even heat flow throughout a tank of fuel. Most people choose this model because of all the options it does give you. These are usually affordable and can be bought at hardware and discount stores as well.

As you can see when we talk about indoor kerosene heaters you have two choices the radiant or convection model. Both have benefits depending on what you happen to need them for. Make sure any model is buy has the UL listed on the side of it. This signifies that the unit was tested and approved to meet safety standards. No matter which model type you choose also make sure it comes with an automatic shut off device on it. This will help you in case something happens and you need to shut it off quickly.

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