Queen Air Mattress Buying Tips

Queen air mattress buying tips

What features should you be looking for when shopping for a quality queen air mattress? There are several factors that need to be considered. With the sheer number of air mattress manufacturers and products out there, it can be difficult deciding on the best way to evaluate and choose an air bed that is right for your situation. This article will point out several things you should think about as part of your queen air mattress purchasing process.

How Will Your Air Mattress Be Used?

First think about the different uses you may have for the air mattress. Depending on the amount of use and the environment the air bed will be used in, your choices may be narrowed. Some people need an air mattress for occasional use, like when you have guests over for the holidays or need a temporary bed like during a move. In these cases you don’t need to be as particular in your choice. By comparison, if you are using your inflatable mattress solely for repeated use during camping or even as a permanent bed, you are going to be especially concerned with durability and construction.

Do I Really Need A Built-In Air Mattress Pump?

The next thing people generally consider is the method for inflation/deflation. If you don’t mind storing and using an external air pump, manually inflated air beds will probably suit your needs. The major complaint with these air mattresses usually comes when its time to deflate the mattress. Special measures may be required to get the last bits of air out so you can store the air mattress away (think using your knees/feet to force out the remaining air). By contrast, a queen air mattress like the Intex Raised Downy has a built-in electric air pump that can inflate and deflate completely in under five minutes. These types of air beds are equipped with easy to use dials that control adding or removing air from the mattress.

Does A Raised Air Bed Really Make A Difference?

Many people investigate purchasing a raised air bed, as opposed to an air mattress that is closer to the floor. For instance, a queen raised air mattress can have a height between 18 and 22 inches. The advantage in using these mattresses is you can easily get in and out, without much effort. Standard inflatable mattresses that are lower to the ground, can be more difficult to maneuver, especially if you have knee or back problems.

Comfort Matters

Obviously comfort and style should be factored into your purchasing decision. Most air beds come in a single color, so there are not many options on that front. As far as comfort is concerned, the number and orientation of the internal air chambers makes a difference as to how easily the air can be added or removed to meet individual comfort needs.

What The Heck Is Flocking?

Many air mattresses have a flocking material on the top surface of the air bed as opposed to just exposed plastic. The purpose of the flocking is to prevent slipping and sliding on the mattress. When you use queen sized sheets, they should stay in place better with queen air mattresses that have flocking. The use of flocking will not necessarily insulate your body from the cold floor though. A quality mattress pad can be used to provide extra warmth and comfort.

Last But Not Least, Price

Price is always an issue no matter what you are looking to buy. Queen air mattresses can range from as low as $20 to as high as a couple hundred dollars. In general, the higher end air beds are made from stronger material, which may help provide stability and limit stretching and leaks. If your needs are more basic, a lower priced portable air mattress should be fine.

This article touched on a few things to consider when looking for your perfect queen air mattress. Everyone has different needs, but if you take some time and do your research, you’ll be able to find a queen air bed that you’ll be happy with.

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